You have to lie down to show off your new beaded belt buckle
The car tilts downward on your side
You have to “rock” a few times to get up out of your chair
You get scared your belly button might come untied
Your kids use you as shade when you take them to the park

okay. OKAY. The only one I’ve ACTUALLY experienced was the park thing.
But it’s a SIGN, people. America has gotten FAT (and I’m one of them)

But NO MORE!!! My husband has begun a new chapter in his life by starting his own business. It’s time I took my life back and lost some of this weight I’ve been hanging on to for reasons I couldn’t possibly explain! There’s no reason for me to be overweight and out of shape (other than I’m L-A-Z-Y).

But that’s going to CHANGE.

Starting right now. Today. You heard it first from me, people!
I’m going to do IT. Just Nike It.

DO it. Cowboy up. Grab life by the horns. Hang on tight, world…cause today is a new day…and this time next year, I’m gonna be lighter and a whole lot brighter.
Watch me shine.
I Dare You.

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