Month: May 2006

The Long Way Home

I taught our Women’s Sunday School class today. I do that whenever our pastor’s wife is away…I really like doing it because it stretches me and keeps me reading my Bible, because I never know when she’s going to ask. The lesson was on Being a Woman of Strength…not a he-man woman…all muscled up…but flexing your Spiritual muscles. My key verse was in Proverbs 31 – (what we should all strive to be!) – but somehow I got a little off track….
I was in the process of explaining the different ways you can find your spiritual strength (ie – reading your Bible, daily prayer, kids, etc) when I came across a page that my husband had inscribed to me. About 3 years ago when my husband gave me a new Ryrie KJV Bible and he had inscribed in the front, “If a crown makes a man a King, then Proverbs 12:4a certifies my status as royalty.” I read that to the class and almost started crying (look the verse up!) and began to discuss openly how important it is to be on the same page as our husbands as far as our future goes.
I’m not talking about just following them in faith. You have to be an active participant. Think of it this way… Say you and your husband are going on a long trip together. You’re both on the same highway, going in the same direction, you are being obedient by following him, but you happen to be driving different cars…somewhere along the way, you take a wrong turn (of course, men are more prone to doing this, but let’s just SUPPOSE it was us)…now you’re lost and he’s in the other car…there’s no communication, no way to get back to where you were when you got lost — you are now SEPARATED, because you are in a different car . OR….say you’re driving behind him and you have a blowout…or run out of gas…or a million other things that can happen in our daily lives. Where did you go wrong? Was it when you took the wrong turn? NO! Instead of driving a separate car, you should have ridden WITH HIM. See, as couples, we are supposed to be one, at least that’s how God sees it and what His word says. If you had been riding with him in the same car, you’d have been together when the wrong turn happened, or the blowout or whatever it was…you could work together to fix the problem instead of trying to work alone or against each other. I think it is SO SO SO important to support our spouses and be their co-pilots, navigators, cheerleaders, partners, etc. etc. etc… and if we are married to God-honoring men, they will do the same for us.
As for my husband and I, we have had our share of difficulties – he was a bachelor until he was 28…I had already been married and had a child. The thing I LOVE about us is that we struggle TOGETHER to figure out the answers to our difficulties. We both want to do what is the best thing for our family and for each other…sometimes we might lose our way, but since we are both in the same car, we get lost together and learn something new from the side trips!

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