Ask any mother who homeschools and I’m sure she will tell you that by the end of the year, she’s ready for a B R E A K. Such is the story for me…
I begin every year with the very best of intentions, new white binders, well-thought out lesson plans, and even WANTING to homeschool. This year, we joined a co-op and got together with them once a month for activities. As a family, we go on planned outings to local attractions to increase the kids’ awareness of our culture and art; and once a month or so – we even take a trip (completely unplanned) by picking a spot on the map and driving there for the day. The only catch is it has to be within a 3-4 hr drive. Along the way, we stop to check out anything “cool” or “interesting” as deemed by someone in the car. Once, Katie had us stop to study the mating habits of the horse…she thought the horses were fighting (Mom…why is that one horse beating the other one with his hooves?). Of course, I had to explain what was actually happening and then she was REALLY interested…it led to a unit study on horses.
At the beginning of the year, we begin our school day around 7:30 am…by the end of the year, I’m lucky if I can get her jump-started by 10! At the beginning of the year (when the curriculum is mainly reviewfrom last year), we LOVE it…because we know SO much. At the end of the year, when we are reviewing what we’ve learned this year, we HATE it…because we forget SO much. At the beginning of the year, we do science experiments with unabandoned glee….at the end of the year, we gleely abandon our science experiments.
Where have I gone wrong? I never wanted to homeschool my kids….it just sort of…happened. I’m glad we chose homeschooling. Really. I am. I know you probably don’t believe me. But it takes me back to being a kid in a way. I remember those feelings of restlessness…summer is coming. SUMMER is coming! Summer IS coming! Summer is COMING! My daugher has them. She knows. She’s a smart kid.
After all, she’s homeschooled. And we can DO it! Yes, we can!
Next year will be better, I tell myself. Only one week left….hold on, mom, you’re almost there.

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