The traditional gift for a 5th wedding anniversary is “wood”. Well, that’s what I was given…but it was DEAD wood. I didn’t even see it coming. And it wasn’t my husband’s fault. He didn’t see it coming either.
We were supposed to go to the local “Friends of the Library booksale” preview last night for our anniversary “date”. (I know…we’re wierd) We had had it planned for over a month. Well, I knew there was no way we’d make it together, because at the end of last week, my husband booked an appointment for that night (he’s in sales) at 8:00 p.m. He didn’t have much of a choice…the people needed to rebook from a previous time and that was the only night he had open (because he was saving it for ME) and so he just KNEW I wouldn’t mind…you understand, don’t you? Yes, honey. I smile a fake smile and put on a cheery face to hide my disappointment. He tells me he’s married to the greatest woman in the world…and he’s going to find a way to make it up to me.
And he does. A group of our friends are having a get together on Saturdayevening, he tells me. Why don’t we get a babysitter and we’ll go to the barbeque? Just you and me…we’ll have fun. I agree with him…I can’t remember the last time just the two of us went out as a couple. It had to be before we had Abby, who is 18 months old now. That is entirely TOO long. And we’ve recently made a lot of new friends since he’s begun his own business….so this is GREAT. All week, I look forward to the thought of Saturday. I lined of a babysitter, cleaned the house (you know, the kind of cleaning you do when you KNOW someone is going to be snooping – and our babysitter does snoop), even folded the laundry and PUT it AWAY!!!!
And then yesterday. Boom! Out of the blue…all our plans down the toilet. It seems the company he currently works for (he’s not free of them yet – still trying to get his new business up to speed so it will support us) has re-ordered the schedules…took one of his guys and moved him to days…so now my dear husband has to close every night of the week, beginning Saturday. There go our plans for Saturday night. This stinks. There go our plans for all of next week, when he had set appointments to garner new business (he works the new business at night right now)….there goes his chance to help out at our church’s VBS…our corporate meeting with the BIG guy on Tuesday …I could go on, but I think you get the idea.
I spent most of my day in a pretty foul mood (tells me I need to read my Bible more!!!)…snapping at the kids for the slightest little thing…walking around with a snarl on my face…expecting to hear some more crappy news at any moment. I decided to remedy it…I was STILL going to go ahead with our original plans sans Floy…I was GOING to the book sale.
We signed up to receive notices about when the friends of the library had book sales…paid $18 fee to have “advance” notice and garner the ability to go in for a “preview” the night before things went on sale to the public and buy whatever we wanted. Last night was to be my first time going before the place was entirely packed out. I called our babysitter and asked her if she was available for a couple of hours (she was) so I picked her up and was out the door at 7 for the book sale. I got downtown, all excited, parked the car, and then noticed the lights were off, nobody was home….there was some dude in painter’s pants on a scaffold in front of the building doing touch-ups. What the? Hey…it was par for the course for my day…so I headed home. Then, deciding the day was NOT going to be a complete waste, I called the babysitter, told her to get the kids’s shoes on and have them ready, because we were all going to Sonic for hot fudge sundaes! (I really needed some chocolate)
We went to Sonic and I ordered the sundaes…I asked for EXTRA hot fudge on mine….didn’t get it…(surprise, surprise)…gave them my credit card (which is one of those stupid mini ones…that are about 1/2 the size of a read card and almost totally USELESS)…and proceeded to wait 45 minutes while they held my card hostage trying to get it to work. I didn’t have cash…they didn’t take checks…I was going to have to call someone to post $11 bail for me at Sonic! I couldn’t believe it! The card has always worked before….I asked her what she was typing in. She told me the number on the back of the card…it keeps saying declined. (Okay, my credit isn’t that great, but I KNOW there’s room on this card for $11 worth of sundaes!) I looked on the back and realized that she was typing in the 3 digit security code as well as the 16 digit account number….that’s why it was declining. She went back for another try and came out smiling, all apologies…
It’s okay…I say, trying to smile my best fake smile. (Inside I’m so so tired of this day…just let me go HOME) We took the babysitter home and then we went home. Still determined not to let this day end on a sour note, I decided to make sock puppets with the kids ( was only 9:50, I reasoned. We spent the next hour and a half giggling together on the couches, sewing buttons on socks and making crazy hair-do’s on the puppets. Man, I love my kids. For that matter, I love my husband.
But there’s nothing quite like laughing with your kids and spending time with them doing….nothing. Watching their eyes light up when they smile. It made my whole day better. They are the reason I am here….not because I want to go to a stupid bar-b-que with friends…I can do that anyday…they won’t always be little, and God knew just what I needed. So He gave me yesterday….a little test to see how I’d do.
I’m quite sure I failed this one test, but I hope to pass the final exam…maybe next year will be better. I don’t know. But one thing I am sure of is that even though yesterday was stinky, today is a new day. Here I come, world…

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